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The AI Semiconductor RTL Engineer

Introducing the first human Semiconductor Engineer, designed to revolutionize RTL chip development,  and elevating chip engineers workflows.

Chip validation - at the speed of thoughts

Ensure Chip Functionality with Atoms' AI-Powered Post-Silicon Validation solutions

Atoms provides top-tier post-silicon chip validation services using advanced AI automation tools, ensuring the highest accuracy standards. Our services streamline the validation process, guaranteeing your chip functions correctly and allowing you to release your chip hassle-free.

Built by Engineers From 

"Engineered by and for engineers, we're spearheading a revolution in the semiconductor industry."

The AI Semiconductor/chip Engineer

Introducing the first human Semiconductor Engineer, designed to revolutionize chip development,  and elevating chip engineers workflows.

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This is the space to introduce the Product section and showcase the types of products available. 

Product Name

This is the space to introduce the Product section and showcase the types of products available. 

Product Name

This is the space to introduce the Product section and showcase the types of products available. 

Product Name

This is the space to introduce the Product section and showcase the types of products available. 

Product Name


At Atoms, we're committed to advancing the forefront of chip verification, driving innovation, and empowering the semiconductor industry for a smarter future."

Let’s Ensure The Design Resilience Of your ICs

we provide thorough chip validation, debugging, and competitive analysis services to ensure the optimal functionality of your integrated circuits (ICs).

Cost effective validation solutions

instantly get a full dedicated validation team hustle free

at the fraction of the price

Accelerate your time to market

Release your product to market at 20x the speed of traditional validation 

AI-Driven Chip Validation automation

Our Patented AI tool, introduces unmatched amount of data generated test and analysis  

support till end of Life of the Product

We keep supporting your chip, with debug and analysis to the end of life product cycle

Thinking Of A Possibility?

"Thinking of a possibility? Let's make it a reality together. At Atoms Semiconductors, we thrive on turning ideas into tangible solutions. Our team is dedicated to understanding your unique challenges and engineering validation services that exceed expectations. Reach out to us today and let's explore the possibilities together."

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Dmagi stands for
(My brain - دماغي)
start using it now!

With Dmagi, you're not just utilizing a tool – you're pioneering a revolution. Dive into a world where creativity meets computational prowess, where complex challenges become opportunities for groundbreaking solutions. Dmagi is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of semiconductor engineering, and the journey starts now.

Spotlight on post-silicon validation

At Atoms Semiconductors, we bring decades of combined experience from top semiconductor companies to deliver unparalleled chip validation services. Our expert team leverages cutting-edge AI automation to ensure your chips are validated at a fraction of the time traditionally required. With our innovative solutions, you can trust that all your chip validation needs are met here, allowing you to accelerate your time-to-market and enhance product quality seamlessly.



Atoms  unlocks the potential of next-generation semiconductors for our clients. Through seamless testing, and validation services, we deliver innovative, cost-optimized solutions and maximize performance that accelerate product launches.

PMICs Validation

specialized Power Management IC (PMIC) validation services, designed to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your power management solutions. Our team utilizes advanced AI-driven validation techniques to meticulously test and verify PMICs, ensuring optimal performance under various conditions. By partnering with us, you gain access to fast, accurate, and comprehensive validation, helping you deliver robust power management solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

Digital/IP validation

to ensure the seamless performance of your digital and IP cores. Leveraging our extensive industry experience and state-of-the-art AI automation, we rigorously test and verify digital circuits and IP blocks for functionality, performance, and compliance. Our efficient validation process guarantees high accuracy and quick turnaround times, helping you bring reliable and high-quality digital solutions to market faster. Trust Atoms for all your digital and IP validation needs.

Sensors Validation

In sensors validation, Our dedicated dark room lab capabilities allow us to conduct precise and controlled testing of various sensor types, including optical, environmental, and motion sensors. Utilizing advanced AI-driven validation techniques, we simulate diverse operating conditions to thoroughly assess sensor accuracy, sensitivity, and response times.

Wafer sort validation

We offerr top-tier wafer sort validation services to ensure the integrity and performance of your wafers. Our ADVANCED probe station capabilities allow us to perform meticulous electrical testing at the wafer level, identifying and addressing any potential defects early in the production process. Utilizing advanced AI automation, we deliver precise and efficient validation, reducing time-to-market and production costs. Our comprehensive wafer sort validation services include the most advanced types such as: - **Parametric Testing**: Measuring electrical parameters like voltage, current, and resistance to ensure each chip meets design specifications. - **Functional Testing**: Verifying that each chip performs its intended functions correctly under various operating conditions. - **Burn-In Testing**: Stress-testing chips at elevated temperatures to identify early failures and ensure long-term reliability. - **Speed Binning**: Categorizing chips based on their performance and speed to optimize product differentiation and market segmentation. - **Yield Analysis**: Conducting detailed analysis to identify defect patterns and improve overall wafer yield. Trust Atoms to provide comprehensive wafer sort validation that guarantees the highest quality and reliability for your semiconductor products.


Is ready for your chips!

Your full validation team

Inside the most Advanced Microelectronics Lab in the MENA region!

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